About me

You must be interested in who I am, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page. So, let’s start of with the basic a/s/l. I’m a girl from the Netherlands born in 1984. I’ve studied Computer Science at the VU and I’m working as .NET and Java programmer since June 2007.

My current interests are Linux, Mac OS X, citybuilding games, meddling around with websites, computers in general, horse riding and reading fantasy books. I’m also an active volunteer known under the nickname of “Pecunia” at the network of game fansites called HeavenGames, where I rose to become Lead Programmer and Seraph (webmaster) of the Citybuilding sites.

About this site

This site was mainly created to showcase some programs I’ve written and to vent some frustrations from real life. Several programs I’ve created were scattered around the ‘net, so this is an attempt to rake them back together and showcase them.

About the server hosting this site

This site is hosted from my home ADSL connection, so downloads may be slow because of that. The site runs on an old laptop that became unused when I bought an Apple iBook in 2005. Server specs:

  • Pentium III 500 MHz
  • 192MB RAM (64MB native, 128MB additional)
  • 6GB harddisk
  • 10/100 Mbit ethernet card (PC card)
  • OS: Linux from Scratch, 2.6.24 kernel

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