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It's been a while...

Posted on 2007-12-20 21:57:36

No updates to the site in nearly a month… but it has a good reason!

While trying to figure out how the graphics format of Caesar 3 and other citybuilder games works, I needed a way to visualise the output. I had previously done this by writing my own wrapper around the libpng library, outputting the images as PNG, and subsequently viewing those images with an external viewer. This is getting tedious if you’re extracting some 1000 images from a graphics file…

The solution: write a GUI program for it! On Linux and Mac, I had so far only done command-line programs in C and some in C++. I have some Java knowledge but I needed the low-level inputs of C/C++ for the graphics files.

On Windows, I’ve worked with C#/.NET and C++/.NET, and with WxWidgets to create pre-.NET programs. Installing wxWidgets on Linux might have been an option. However, after seeing how “good” the wxWidgets programs from the Dutch equivalent of the Internal Revenue Service (Belastingdienst) looked like, I backed down from that.

Since I’d like this program to be cross-platform (Linux, Mac, and Windows), the second option I looked at was Qt. I first wanted to write it in Qt3 since I already have that installed for KDE. After seeing that there’s no online documentation for that anymore (it’s discontinued in favour of Qt4), I decided to just take the jump and use Qt4. I fell in love immediately, hacked together a small graphics viewer in half a day and have been toying with it ever since.

So, you might see some Qt programs appearing on this site in the new year!

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