Microsoft certification, oh joy...

Posted on 2008-07-15 19:27:48

So yeah. Last week I took another Microsoft Certification exam. I have posted my opinion about them earlier.

The result?

  • I will be some 250 euros richer (exam bonus from the employer)
  • My employer will be 140 + 431 euros lighter (exam costs plus my bonus (gross: 431 minus 42% income tax is 250))
  • I get to order some junk from Microsoft (“welcome kit”, including officially printed certificate to hang on your wall!) because I’m now officially a certified “technology specialist” (wooo, I always wanted to be that, NOT!)

That last part was the most horrible of all: I tried to order it last Sunday using Firefox on my Linux PC, but it gave me a weird error: “Your session has timed out or some other error occurred, please try again later. If the problem persists, contact your regional support center.”

I thought, hey, temporary problem, let’s try it Monday morning at work. So I did. With Firefox. And it failed again. Then I tried it again, with IE. First it complained about my shipping address: there had to be a space between the numbers and the letters of the postal code. Weird… it didn’t complain about that when I used Firefox to update my address.

After I corrected the postal code, I tried again with Firefox: no luck, still the same error. Then I tried again with IE: “Thank you for your order, it will be processed”. What the fuck????

One might wonder: why go through the trouble to receive some junk I don’t want anyway? Because I can. And because it sets back Microsoft by, I dunno, $10?

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