The FedEx site...

Posted on 2008-07-27 09:25:54

So I ordered my welcome kit/certificate/whatever from Microsoft, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the order status. Today, the thing said it “shipped” on the 24th of July (even though I checked a few days ago and it said no such thing), but okay…

The carrier is “FedEx International Mail Service”, no tracking because apparently they don’t do tracking on international packages. To get an idea whether the thing would arrive here before I went on holiday, I tried to find out what the average shipping time is for a package from the USA to the Netherlands.

Oh boy, what a mess is the FedEx site! First of all the menus on the site are making my computer slow down so much that it’s hardly possible to select anything from said menus. Secondly, I couldn’t find any nice table with shipping time to “the rest of the world” (nor within the US). What I did find was a big “transit time calculator”, where I had to fill in the postal code of the sender and the receiver (like I know where the Microsoft office is), what kind of package (um, envelope?), the customs value (what?), and the “service” (yes?), among others.

At the end of the road, I still don’t know how long it’s gonna take… estimate: some time next week?

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