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Microsoft licence agreements

Posted on 2008-12-30 10:19:42

Funny clause I encountered today at work while installing a bunch of software related to Visual Studio 2008: the end user licence agreement of the TFS 2008 power tools included this clause:

You may not:

  • disclose the results of any benchmark tests of the software to any third party without Microsoft’s prior written approval;

Hmm, I wonder why that clause was added. I mean, you have the licence to use the software, which would include running benchmarks on it, right? They’re probably afraid of someone finding out how crappy their tools were programmed.

As a side note, that licence agreement is not valid for me anyway, since there’s no way to print it.

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New Phone

Posted on 2008-12-20 17:57:52

So, I got a nice end-of-year bonus this year, so I decided to treat myself well and buy a new mobile phone. My old one is from 2002, and although it still isn’t a total disgrace compared to the more modern phones, it’s getting old and the battery is degrading.

Anyway, long story short: my new Nokia 3120 arrived today and I’ve been toying with it for most of the afternoon.

The most interesting part was selecting my new ringtone… I absolutely hate having a fancy ringtone go off on a 3-minute ballad when someone calls me, while I’m rummaging around in my bag trying to find the damn thing.

My previous phone was set to the Nokia tune (the first polyphonic one) and set to “ring once”. The new Nokia tune is much more fancy, hardly recognisable, and goes on for at least a minute, so no, that’s not it.

I finally settled on the “Nostalgia” tone. Just a nice old “trrrrinngggg” sound, and reminds me of the XKCD comic ‘Tones’.

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