Deploying midlets to a Nokia phone over Bluetooth

Posted on 2011-01-09 21:09:56

So I had built a lovely little application (midlet) using the Java Micro Edition, and wanted to deploy that to my Nokia 3120 phone. I don’t have a USB cable for connecting my phone to my desktop, I don’t have a data plan so I couldn’t host it somewhere and then download it on my phone, but I do have a Bluetooth-enabled MacBook (on which the Nokia PC Suite doesn’t run).

When browsing the device using Bluetooth file exchange, only the folders available in Media show up. How to get it deployed on my phone in the Apps folder where it belongs?

The answer is simple once you know it:

  1. Attempt to create a folder named ‘Applications’ at the root level
  2. That folder already exists, so the file browser just moves into it
  3. Browse to the folder within applications where you want to drop the app
  4. Upload the .jad and .jar
  5. Done!
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