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The Incredible Machine update

Posted on 2008-03-08 14:48:59

I’m addicted all-right: after three more days of playing I finished all hard puzzles and I only need to complete four very hard puzzles. I say “only” but those are probably going to take me a long time: I remember “Enchanted Kingdom” (#24) being particularly hard…

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Rediscovering an old friend

Posted on 2008-03-05 22:15:34

One of the very first games I ever played was The Incredible Machine (version 3): an incredibly addicting puzzle game in which you have to build wicked contraptions to reach goals like “brew coffee” or “put the ball in the basket” or “get Newton Mouse home”.

A few days ago at work, we had a small conversation about it, and when I got home I wanted to play the game badly. After hunting the ‘net I finally found a copy for download, and have been playing it ever since: it plays fine under Cedega 4, even though I had to do some work to get the progress save to work properly.

And it’s still addicting… I’ve so far completed all easy and medium puzzles, and have completed 17 hard puzzles. Only 14 hard puzzles and 29 very hard puzzles to go!

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