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First open source contribution

Posted on 2008-03-12 21:17:17

Last week, I made my first “real” contribution to open source software. I put “real” in quotes because I’ve been releasing my own little programs as open source for the past year, but I don’t count that as “contributing”.

This contribution I’m talking of consisted of writing a new image coder for ImageMagick, so that ImageMagick can now also read DDS images. This format is quite popular for storing graphics for (primarily) Windows games, so I’m surprised that it wasn’t supported already, considering there are over 100 formats supported, most of which I haven’t heard of.

Anyway, my patch was accepted, and my piece of code is now included in the latest ImageMagick releases, yay!

(by the way, yes, I also finished The Incredible Machine last weekend!)

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