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Deploying midlets to a Nokia phone over Bluetooth

Posted on 2011-01-09 21:09:56

So I had built a lovely little application (midlet) using the Java Micro Edition, and wanted to deploy that to my Nokia 3120 phone. I don’t have a USB cable for connecting my phone to my desktop, I don’t have a data plan so I couldn’t host it somewhere and then download it on my phone, but I do have a Bluetooth-enabled MacBook (on which the Nokia PC Suite doesn’t run).

When browsing the device using Bluetooth file exchange, only the folders available in Media show up. How to get it deployed on my phone in the Apps folder where it belongs?

The answer is simple once you know it:

  1. Attempt to create a folder named ‘Applications’ at the root level
  2. That folder already exists, so the file browser just moves into it
  3. Browse to the folder within applications where you want to drop the app
  4. Upload the .jad and .jar
  5. Done!
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New Phone

Posted on 2008-12-20 17:57:52

So, I got a nice end-of-year bonus this year, so I decided to treat myself well and buy a new mobile phone. My old one is from 2002, and although it still isn’t a total disgrace compared to the more modern phones, it’s getting old and the battery is degrading.

Anyway, long story short: my new Nokia 3120 arrived today and I’ve been toying with it for most of the afternoon.

The most interesting part was selecting my new ringtone… I absolutely hate having a fancy ringtone go off on a 3-minute ballad when someone calls me, while I’m rummaging around in my bag trying to find the damn thing.

My previous phone was set to the Nokia tune (the first polyphonic one) and set to “ring once”. The new Nokia tune is much more fancy, hardly recognisable, and goes on for at least a minute, so no, that’s not it.

I finally settled on the “Nostalgia” tone. Just a nice old “trrrrinngggg” sound, and reminds me of the XKCD comic ‘Tones’.

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Posted on 2008-08-22 07:12:57

I’m going on holiday from August 24 to September 9. Since my site is hosted on a small server at home, I’ll have to put the site offline for two weeks: I don’t want to risk the server or router catching fire while I’m away!

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On writing skills

Posted on 2008-03-26 18:04:25

A year ago around this time of the year, I just started writing my master’s thesis. One of the frequent comments I got from my supervisors was that my writing was too terse, that I was not explaining things well enough, and that the average (CompSci master student) reader would not be able to understand my writing. I was forced to rewrite chapter 4 about half a dozen times before it was at an acceptable level.

Now, a year later, I’m writing a tutorial for Caesar IV’s (quite complex) scenario editor. After having written 18 pages covering the easier parts of scenario editing, I wrote the last set of pages on the advanced topic of scripting events using C#. In the few days since its publication, multiple people have complimented me on my ability to explain things clearly and in an easily understandable way.

I wonder, have my writing skills improved so much over the past year, or am I just not made for writing academic stuff? Or perhaps my main writing strength is in explaining complex technical concepts to non-technical people?

Reflection on 2007

Posted on 2008-01-06 18:10:09

At the start of the new year, it’s a good time to look back on the previous year. So what has 2007 brought me?

First quarter

The first few months were dedicated to my master’s project: in January I produced the first test results, and most of the first quarter was spent conducting tests and analyzing results.

Mixed in with my master’s project were visits to career events and visiting companies to see if they would be any good as future employers. Near the end of March I finally made the choice out of 3 serious proposals: I would start working on June 1. That left plenty of time for writing my thesis and finishing my education, or so I thought …

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Explanation of the site name

Posted on 2007-11-04 21:51:44

Pandora’s Box. A controversial “box” which wasn’t a box at all, but rather a mistranslation of the Greek word “pithos” (jar).

If you know your classics, you will be aware that Pandora (meaning “all-gifted”) was a woman in Greek mythology. She was given a jar with a lid and told not to open it. Curious as she was, she opened it anyways, and all sorts of evil fled into the world. For the full story, I refer you to Wikipedia.

Anyway, I have a habit of naming my computers after mythological beasts or persons (‘pegasus’, ‘phoenix’, and ‘cerberus’ – the router), and my server needed a name as well. After much thinking I named the old laptop serving these pages: “Pandora”.

Then, when the time came to come up with a title for my site, I had to think for a long time. I wanted to reflect the fact that it was going to be a repository of personal programming projects, and it should preferably start with a “P” because my nickname on the internet has been “Pecunia” since 2000. On a train ride I came up with “Pandora’s Box”, scribbled it down on the edge of a newspaper and that was it.

When I got back home I still liked the name, so it stuck.

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Obligatory first post

Posted on 2007-11-04 19:13:53

So, yes, this blog is the first part of my new site that’s actually working. Hi!

What is this site about, might you wonder. A good question. First and foremost this is my personal bit of webspace, mainly created to showcase some programs I’ve written and to vent some frustrations from real life. Please bear with me while I get this virtual home in order.

So who am I? Check out the about page to learn about me.

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