Compilation instructions

All software you find on this page are released under the GPL.

Version 1.2 and above

Starting with version 1.2 of the sources, the mapper programs are written using the Qt toolkit. Therefore, compiling the sources requires Qt 4.3 or higher to be installed.

Compilation instructions are now the same, regardless of operating system: just type the following at a command prompt within the source directory:

qmake [mapper].pro

Where [mapper] is the name of the program you wish to compile, one of: caesar3mapper, pharaohmapper, zeusmapper, emperormapper.

Version 1.1 and below

Compiling the Windows sources

The GUI programs use the wxWidgets toolkit with some modifications, which is included in the source archive.

Compilation instructions:

  1. I have compiled the programs with Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition in combination with the Platform SDK, so it might be a good idea to have those installed.
  2. Extract the archive somewhere. wxWidgets recommends that the path to its folder doesn't contain any folders with spaces in them, though I don't know how strict this requirement is. I have it in c:/wxWidgets-2.8.0
  3. Go to the wxWidgets-2.8.0/projects/ folder
  4. Say you want to compile the C3 program. Go to c3mapper folder and open the c3mapper.vcproj file in Visual C++
  5. Let it build everything

Changes made to the wxWidgets library:

  • The PNG image handler now also supports writing indexed (256-colour) PNG images.
  • The wxBusyInfo frame's default size has been made smaller so it fits within the program window instead of sticking out.

Compiling the command-line sources

Dependencies: the command-line programs require the libpng and libz libraries to be installed.

Extract the source tarball somewhere and type "make" in the cbmappers-1.0 directory. This will create three programs: c3mapper, pharaohmapper, and zeusmapper. If you want only one of these programs, "make c3", "make pharaoh", and "make zeus" are the appropriate commands.

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