KDECalendar is a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X to replace the built-in Calendar widget. It’s made to look and feel like the KDE Calendar component, with some small improvements.


  • Shows monthly calendar for any year (though it’s not “correct” for months too far back)
  • Lets the user select the month to display in a variety of methods:
    • Previous/next month buttons
    • Previous/next year buttons
    • Month selection
    • Year entry
    • Week selection
    • Freely entering a date

Improvements over the OS X Calendar widget

  • Displays week numbers
  • Provides more advanced control for selecting the month to view

Improvements over the KDE Calendar

  • Displays week number in the calendar itself instead of only in the dropdown at the bottom


  • Is not correct for dates before 1752
  • Displays the wrong week in the “week” dropdown for the last few days in December if they belong to Week 1, and the first few days of January if they belong to the last week of the previous year


KDECalendar 0.1 is available from the download page.

Last modified on 2007-11-12 18:04:18