SimCity Societies Minimapper


The SCS minimapper is a small program that can extract minimaps from SimCity Societies saved games, the same as you see in the game when you load a saved game.

SCS saved games consist of three files: a .scs file and two .tga files. The two .tga combined contain the minimap for the saved game. If the tga files are available, the program combines them into a minimap image. If they’re not available, the minimapper does its best to create the minimap from the .scs file itself, but the resulting image will be of lesser quality: height variations will not show up, and not all buildings/objects may show up if the saved game contains mods.

Installation and usage

Just unzip the .exe file and run it. The program requires the .NET 2 framework to be installed. If you have SimCity Societies installed on the same computer, you already have this framework.

Download instructions

There are two versions of SCS Minimapper:

  1. Windows binary: this are windows programs that can be run directly on Windows, just unzip anywhere and run.
  2. Source code: this is the source code that you can compile yourself. The source code is released under the GPL. Compiling the source code requires Visual Studio 2005 or later; the Express edition of Visual Studio can be downloaded for free from Microsoft.


Filename Size Downloads Date
Windows binary 33.26 KB 483 2009-08-15
Source code 67.74 KB 397 2009-08-15
Older versions 69.68 KB 388 2008-02-14 33.71 KB 398 2008-02-14