Caesar 3

Being the oldest game in the series, its scenarios and saved games are the easiest to decipher. On the minimap, only three types of buildings are recognisable: housing (red), water supply: reservoir and aqueducts (blue), and "the rest" (yellow).

Caesar 3 has a building table with 2000 entries, of which the first slot is reserved, so effectively 1999 buildings can be placed. The same goes for the walker table: the table itself consists of 1000 entries, but the first slot is reserved. Limits in Caesar 3 for the Mac are double that of the PC version.

Info pages for Caesar 3:

  • Scenarios - the scenario file format
  • Saved games - the saved game file format
  • Terrain elements - table with which bits in the terrain grid mean which terrain element
  • Walkers - short explanation of the walker table entry

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